Hot & cold kiln Alignment

Hot & cold kiln Alignment

CHAENG provides kilns and rotating tubes, including comprehensive and clear recommendations on the necessary maintenance operations to be executed:

  • Detailed geometrical and mechanical diagnosis
  • Comprehensive report with adapted manufacturer recommendations
  • Reliable decision-making tool for an optimized preventive maintenance;

Customer benefits

  • Anticipation of the maintenance requirements and support to works scheduling
  • Improvement of the equipment lifetime and availability 
  • Additional services completing the alignment operation (comprehensive mechanical audit, on-site machining, replacement and improvement of wearing and strategic parts...)


  • Adapted to every kind of kilns or rotating tubes (dryers, calciners, coolers...), regardless of the number of supports
  • Completed either during production (hot kiln alignment) or during scheduled maintenance shutdown (cold kiln alignment)
  • Diagnosis of all kind of equipment, whether supplied by CHAENG or other makers