Pre-sales Service

Pre-sales Service

 Engineering Consulting

I Purpose of Engineering Consulting

Engineering consulting makes clients have a comprehensive understanding of the value of mine, the useful elements, available mineral processing technology, plant size, required equipment and period. 


II Contents of Engineering Consulting

Chaeng Technology Support Department is responsible for engineering consulting. When a client needs engineering consulting, firstly, Chaeng Research Institute will arrange an expert with rich dressing experienced to make sure the ore separability according to the analysis of mineral elements (Chaeng also makes this analysis). 

After making sure the ore separability, Technology Support Department would contact with mineral dressing construction departments including geology, mining, ore dressing, smelting, machinery, civil engineering, electric power to get a brief quotation.


Chaeng mine consulting provides services according to the need of clients.  The main contents of mines consulting include mining, mineral processing, external conditions, investment estimation and analysis of economic benefit.

III Results of Engineering Consulting

At last, engineering consult takes on economic benefits analysis for the customers including the cost analysis and profit estimate.  Mine costs include mining, transportation, mining beneficiation, financial management cost. Profit estimate includes ore grade, product, price, annual output, total income, total cost, profit before tax, comprehensive estimation (time of recovering the investment).

Raw Material Testing

Mineral dressing test is in charge of Mineral Dressing Research Institute belonging to Chaeng Company

I Preparation before test

The clients should provide about 50g representative samples, some special samples about 200~1000g. The simple test needs 30 working days, and the detailed test about half a year.图片3.jpg

Sign the test contract with clients before the mineral dressing test, and make sure dressing process to test

II Testing process

1. Chemical Lab of Mineral Dressing Research Institute analyzes the material components (ore structure, mineral and types of ore) and chemical properties (elements, the particle size screening, density, ore relative grindability) of crude ore, and gets some data for the subsequent beneficiation test.



2. After the working of Chemical Lab, Mineral Dressing Research Room takes the mineral beneficiation test which tests the optimum conditions of dressing process. 

III Test results

After finishing all the tests, Mineral Dressing Lab writes a detailed “Mineral dressing test report” by summarizing the test process. In the last part of test report, the optimum technological process and technological parameters are presented.

Engineering Design


Three parts of mine design: feasibility study, preliminary design and construction plan

The key of mine design is all must be established on the basis of detailed investigation, and therefore Chaeng Mine Design Institute will firstly take a comprehensive field study to the mine of clients including the crude ore for dressing plant, site, water, electricity, traffic, geography, etc..

These investigation contents need the cooperation of geology, mining, ore dressing, smelting, machinery, civil engineering, electric power and other departments

I Feasibility study

In all the work of the working group to carry out, investigation, data collection and plan optimization is the most important basis for selecting plant construction scheme. For these important parts, working group requires different professional division and cooperation, including:


1, Geological specialty

2, Mining specialty

3, Mining machinery specialty

4, Civil engineering specialty 

5, Electric power specialty

6, Mineral dressing specialty

II Preliminary design

After "Feasibility study report" approved, Mine Design Institute starts preliminary design and comes up with the design of dressing plant construction. Design mainly involves: dressing, general layout, electric power, communication, civil engineering, environmental protection, water supply and drainage, tailing, safety and fire protection, investment estimates, economic benefit. For the improvement and extension enterprises, the preliminary design will illustrate the status, characteristics, plant, main problems, utilization of main buildings and equipment.

III Working drawings                                                         2、立磨磨盘、磨辊及摇臂已吊装到位_副本.jpg

When the preliminary design is approved, Mine Design Institute starts to design working drawings. Every aspect of dressing plant needs a lot of construction drawings (generally, over 100 working drawings), such as civil construction. Engineers of Chaeng Mining Institute are numerous with rich experience and drawing speed. When the working drawings completed, the designers must hand the drawings over to construction commanding officers, especially, the notes, strict regulation and important content.